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I am a UK born artist, Singer/Rapper, Songwriter and Producer. Inspired and influenced by artists such as Timberland, Keri Hilson, Brandy, Lauren Hill and so many more.
I was always told by my family and friends that I had the potential to be a good singer they really believed in me, they thought my voice, at the time was good enough. It’s good to have people around you believing in you and supporting you. Wouldn’t you agree?

Performing for people was something I found myself doing almost every other day. Singing puff daddy songs in people’s front rooms was where it all started. I did that without a microphone, i was singing along to music playing from home stereos. I was only 12-13 years old at the time. So I didn’t get into music as early as many people but my passion was no different. Having to mature very quickly at the age of 16 my first daughter was born and my music took second place for a while. My dreams had to take a backseat. At that age I had to become a provider. I am sure there are many people, young and old who may have gone through the same thing. 'Music to me is a place I go to let all my emotions flow, express through the artistry of lyrics and musical compositions. Although my music took a backseat for a while, with support from my family and friends, I attending a youth club called Yap in Thamesmead all the while being a responsible young man and father. There I met my closest friend today Underlok. At this point I was in my late teens and into grime music, I supported the music scene as most of us did at that age. Back then the “heartless crew” really were my favourite artists. I remember, that I would really showcase my talent at YAP, Underlok was a youth worker at the time and saw that I had the ability to sing and rap but he also realised at this stage in my life, I needed to grow and although we did not work together on music, we developed a friendship that slowly grew into our bond to date. At the age of 18 I started writing my lyrics, yes writing grime music with another friend of mine at the time going by the name of Tamer. We worked on developing our sound and earning money. A few years went by and I remember it was not long after passing my driving test I bumped into Underlok at a set of traffic lights and I shouted from my window “call me, I got a mac now”. Call it a coincidence but we bumped into each other at the very same traffic lights quite a few times before actually creating our first track together called ‘Over Now’. We grew as friends and quickly realized that together we were ready to do music at an industry standard. I then went on to sign with DD Management in 2011 where I continued to work towards the goal of my first E.P ‘Tailor Made’. I got it onto Datpiff.com, uploaded to YouTube, shared it across my twitter account and really used social networking sites to promote my music. I didn’t stop there, I couldn’t, myself and Underlok created the music we really liked and really wanted to share with people. We decided to go travel into central London and share the music. We gave away free CD's, we went to the radio stations and passed the music onto the DJ's and radio hosts. I gave one to Chris Moyles, personally. I met him in a tailor’s, he was getting a ‘Tailor Made suit’ and I handed him my ‘Tailor Made E.P. We performed at a few events, open-mic shows, promoted with a few DJ’s such as DJ Chef, Liu Romaine Scott, Rachelle G, T-diddy to name a few. I also got to perform with a band called ‘Cypher’. Underlok was a member and he introduced me to the band and we got along well. I am focused on being a solo artists and Underlok my producer. We had our separate interests and were able to meet up and collaborate on many good songs. Songs I believe are great. We disciplined ourselves, with a strict gym regiment and persisted to make good music. We worked smarter, learning all we could, taking our emotions experiences and positive energy towards achieving my upcoming Debut Album “Right here”.

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