@CODEFI "Unlikely Heroes" Mixtape @allbangers

Check out the new track from rap duo Code FI. I like rap groups and duos and belive they are a lost style in rap when every mans out for self. So it's good to see some quality duos emerge. I love they are from Chicago which is a very underrated place for rap. I think it's good they got the one producer as it helps sonically
Sound is some basic hip hop nice beats ok flow. The Sound has a bit of a south influence. Good delivery from both. Not the most lyrical duo. 
Check out the mixtape let me know your favorite tune
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Latest mixtape release from Chicago’s hip-hop duo D’Leo & Bobby Drake, better known as CODE F.I. entitled Unlikely Heroes has arrived.
The compilation includes 16 fresh new tracks produced by Harvy Allbangers. Featured tracks on the tape include the lead single “Cook Dem Gritz (Bullshit)”, “Fresh” and “Voltron”.
Download/Stream the Unlikely Heroes mixtape below.

CODE F.I. Reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/codefi

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When it comes to payin’ dues, CODE F.I. (Couple Of Dope Emcees Finally In It) has 

put in overtime…

For almost two decades CODE F.I. which is comprised of Zell “The Lyrical 

Liquidator” aka “Bobby Drake” and D’Leo aka “Soloc the Silent Agitator”, has been 

making their presence known on Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene performing 

at local venues and dropping independent releases and mixtapes.

After meeting in high school, Zell and Soloc constantly honed their craft by writing 

and recording songs, but decided they wanted to learn everything they could about 

the music business. Both decided to work behind the scenes at labels while still 

pursuing their artistic goals…Zell interned at Jive and Soloc did street promotions 

for several labels finally ending up at Interscope/Geffen/A&M.

CODE F.I. took their extensive industry knowledge and decided to apply it to their 

full-length independent release “Coupleofdopeemceesfinallyinit” which they 

released in 2002. The album garnered rave reviews from several hip-hop websites 

and sold units on several online music sites, which also prepared the duo for the 

forthcoming revolutionary digital music distribution age.

Fast forward to 2014…After a twelve-year hiatus, CODE F.I. is back to reign supreme 

with their upcoming album release “Unlikely Heroes” which features their satirical 

club-anthem “Cook Dem Gritz” which has been called a bonafide hit. 

CODE F.I.’s re-introduction into the game is sparked by their strategic partnership 

with producer extraordinaire and longtime collaborator, Harvy Allbangers. “We 

want to put our stamp on today’s musical landscape and we feel that Allbangers will 

help us deliver that with his timeless production” states Zell. Soloc adds “CODE F.I. 

is coming with something for everybody on this new project and we feel the time is 

right to give the people what they want”.

These Chi-town MCs have not lost a step. Their energetic rhyme flow, catchy hooks, 

and bass heavy beats are a perfect blend of old school meets new school. The tracks 

on the forthcoming “Unlikely Heroes” are tailor-made for radio without trying to be 

and they keep that winning formula that has kept their fans listening for more. 


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