@hateHimself ’Selsie’

Check out the new tune from Denzel Himself.
It's a laid back talk conversation type track. Loved the chilled beat on the track. Flow could be smoother 
Overall interesting tune 
Check the tune and the new release

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’Selsie’ is the new track from upcoming rapper/producer Denzel Himself.

Hailing from South London, home of King Krule and Hawk House, the 18-year-old follows up to his recently released debut single, ‘Young Insolent’, with a new demo track which premiered via DeadFreaks.com

Preceding the first full body of work from the young talent in the New Year, ’Selsie’ is a holiday gift to the fans and supporters who have followed his work so far. "I wrote the song about a girl,” he states in his usual no-nonsense manner.  "I played the chords in the background from beginning to end. I want this song to really affect someone out there, I know he/she is waiting."  

Having recently appeared alongside Piff Gang’s Milkaveli on JD. Reid’s ‘Nobunaga’, Denzel is also one half of Brxtherhood, a creative partnership with Gabriella Skies for whom he produced Burnouts - her debut EP which saw release in 2012.

Describing himself as the lovechild of J*DaVeY and Jim Jones, Denzel lives by the mantra: 'Those who can do it, won't. And those who would do it, can't. Do it.’

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