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Check out the album coming from Tone Oliver "Live and Let Die". We have posted a few joints from Tone before so we have high expectations for this project. 
The album is very good. The level of delivery and lyricism I haven't seen this
A few features but all done and even has a feature with the great Nate Dogg
The Production is varied but very strong and even though has a variety of styles is still all basic hip hop. I usually pick out favorites and what not, but this is just an overall great project Make sure you check it out. I don't think there's any songs I don't like 
Some of the best beats I have heard in a long time. 
Don't forget where you get the best indie music 
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PeaceLife Quality Recordings 
Tone Oliver's

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Album Info
Live and Let Die, the debut EP from Tone Oliver shares influences from Life, music and love.

Dear You,

Live, because death happens way more than life does. The best rapper will never exist, because they were not born. They were waisted on a cheap thrill or an abortion/miscarriage or some bullshit like that. So live, smile, be honest, fight your fears, dare, have fun, learn, love, laugh... A LOT. If you ever find your hearts desire, obtain it. Achieving your goals are not hard they're worth it. So find what's worth it and achieve it. Everything else... let die.

Love, Tone


twitter: @ToneOliver
IG: @ToneOliver
Cell: 310 774 7725

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