Sweet P The Entertainer "Strong Woman" & "Change Today

R&B Pop Hip Hop artist will automatically get comparison to the  likes of Drake. It's also a very fine line between courageous music and corny. So I am worried of listening 
Listening to the music it's really like an opposite Drake. A pretty good singer and ok mediocre rapper.  Songwriting seems to be well done
If you make sure to get a good producer and engineer to make sure it's mixed and mastered correctly. Make sure the best effects and layers on the voice and definatly can produce a quality project. I'm excited to see what can come out of a whole album and how the Hip hop & R&B mixes.  

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Sweet P The Entertainer SuperBad Promo Pic
Sweet P The Entertainer presents "Strong Woman" & "Change Today"

Strong Woman
Sweet P The Entertainer - "Strong Woman"

Change Today Screenshot
Sweet P The Entertainer - "Change Today"

Sweet P The Entertainer presents SuperBad The Album


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