AL'MICHAEL "Fire To Myself"

This is really Pop at it's  finest. A real vocalist with some nice writng, behind nice melodies. Big memorable choruses. A softer sound than sould R&B but clearly some real singing here
 I really like this song and definitely could hear it on the radio.
Video looks clean not the most interesting but clearly shot and edited really well
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Alternative Soul-Pop singer/songwriter from Missouri, Al’ Michael, is ready to take the pop world by storm with the upcoming release of his first single “Fire To Myself” (October 15th) off of his upcoming debut EP "Head VS Heart". The debut album will release January 2014 and utilizes elements of soul, pop, rock and live instrumentation to revolutionize the sound of pop music as we know it.

The Columbia, MO native grew up in a spiritual and musical family environment that always valued Al’Michael’s love for music. His passion for singing started in his church choir as a child, under the direction of his mother, who recognized his singing talent early on and helped develop his powerful soulful voice. Influenced by the likes of Boyz2Men, Donnie Hathaway, Rascal Flatts, Usher and Michael Jackson; singing, songwriting and performing quickly became a passion to which he dedicated most of his time while growing up. The artist also excels in athletics and spends any time outside of the studio boxing and playing basketball.

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