DJFYO: New Album release announcement/ Douche Just F***s Your Omen (Music Submission) 受信トレイ

As an artist myself I love instrumental albums. They are great for inspiration and create amazing songs that can be used in other times. 
I question if this would be my type as this is not the typical boom bap rap that I prefer. But this is someone who definatly has mastered his sound and what he wants with his music.Bouncy Sunny Day is really hype and you could really get creative with it. 
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Douche Just Fucks Your Omen contains 14 conceptualized tracks and 1 bonus track.
All tracks are meant to be there for drunk heads; in other words these tracks get your ears well when you are inebriated.
Therefore, DJFYO strongly recommend you to prepare your liquor for a night, before you press start of your player.
If you may, close your eyes and explore your imaginational world.

All musical works have done by DJFYO.