Twane Picaso - Power(The Album) --- #PushTheArts

About Twane Picaso: Born in Bennettsville,SC, Twane Picaso is a proud
hipster who takes pride in being original and new. He is also a producer for his own art and other’s. His debut mixtape, "The Dopeness" which he produced from top to bottom was released in July of 2011. With the releases of his new music you can see the progression and growth.
In September 2012 Twane Picaso joined a Hipster super culture called "Kumo" which is a japanese term for "life in the clouds", based in Charlotte, NC. Teaming up with fellow band member Kumo Sha for a compilation tape Titled "Indigo Kids" which gave him a good underground buzz on the hipster scene.

About Power(The Album): With most of the production done by Twane Picaso himself, “Power: The Album” consisted of various sounds from Hip-Hop to Trap. This projects touches on subjects from growing up in poverty to having great times with the homies. This project also shows the tremendous progression Twane Picaso has made/is making. As long as this kids continues to get better and fight his way into the game, the quality of his work will grow. Below are links to both the project via Bandcamp and a video to the single "The Man: Pt.I"

Thoughts From Twane Picaso About The Project:  “I feel like the album solidified my identity as an artist. The perception and energy I placed into this project shows growth and maturity along with substance.”


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