: @MORGANtheCEO - "Another Day," directed by Cool Kids Forever Films

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A calculated, magnetic phenom of an emcee - trailblazing in the footsteps of Hip Hop’s revered 
greats - MORGAN is nothing short of avant-garde, challenging the status quo and pushing forth in an 
industry that considers her second to her male counterparts. Hailing from the nation’s capitol, MORGAN 
began her career in music at a young age, playing drums in the school band for 6 years before she 
began producing at 17, and delving into lyricism at 19. Now, with five mixtapes under her belt, she is 
now more ready than ever for the world to hear what she has to say.
Described as an electric, mesmerizing, intelligent artist, MORGAN is the official representation of 
authentic hip hop for a new era - one that's yearning for the return of something classic with a modern 
feel. She provides a breath of fresh air; her sound reminds us of what the industry has seemingly 
forgotten - that lyricism, talent, and passion is what separates an artist from the everyday rapper. Her 
buzz has grown tremendously over the past 3 years, allowing her several performance opportunities up 
& down the east coast, appearances on a number of blogs and sites, and opportunities to plan, perform 
in and headline multiple showcases. Not only is she a viable part of DC's bubbling music community, but 
she's also the brainchild behind Cr8tiv Ntroverts, a collective of passionate, talented musical and visual 
MORGAN's 2010 mixtape, Train of Thought, and 2011 tape, Little Red Corvette, have both garnered 
thousands of downloads, and have been featured on several sites and blogs. Her current project, 
B.S.N.W.H. (BullSh*t Nobody Wana Hear), pokes at the idea that what she's saying is real...but no one 
wants to hear it. At least, that's what this industry seems to be making it out to be. B.S.N.W.H. was 
released in July 2012, and is steadily climbing the charts of recognition. Her first single from the project, 
“Another Day” is catchy & bass-heavy with a conscious spin, typical of her belief that music must always 
contain a message. The visual, directed by Cool Kids Forever Films in DC, can be viewed on YouTube, 
while the single can be streamed, and was recently featured, on AllHipHop.com.

S. Renée, Manager
Howard University Alum '07 | Originally From & Currently Based in Miami, FL
Art Freelancer . Published Photographer . Writer . Music Aficionado

MORGAN, "the official representation of authentic Hip Hop for a new era." 
Check her single, "Another Day" on iTunes & on AllHipHop
Watch her new video for "Another Day" on YouTube
MGMT: S. Renée (@WithLoveSRenee)

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