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Hey y'all. I'm sure you know that I'm a Juggalo. And a hip-hop fan. I've talked about rappers and the culture and music surrounding hip-hop in my comic stripHorndog for ages. What you don't know is that I've long had a yearning to produce and record music for ages, but nothing has come together. Recently, I decided to put my producing skills to good use.

Remember that DJ Danger Mouse guy who did a "mash-up" album of Jay-Z's The Grey Album and The Beatles' White Album? Well, that dope record spun off a bunch of imitators copying that formula by mashing up any acapella and instrumentals they could find. It got really ridiculous quickly. I've especially noticed a lot of ICP-themed mashups. A lot of them weren't done really well. The wrong samples, the wrong vocals, whatever. There have also been some really good ICP-themed mashups, too. I've never been too interested in too many of the Wu Tang Clan-themed mashups that are out there. There's one called "Wugazi". It's Fugazi punk samples matched with Wu acapellas. But most of the Wu remixes out there are boring to me.

Suddenly it clicked in my head: Juggalos. Wu. WUGGALOS! I went searching for any Wu and ICP acapellas I could find. And a ton of Psychopathic and Wu instrumentals. There's beats in here from Twiztid and ICP matched with Wu raps, and two ICP raps matched with Wu beats. The first problem I had was with the "Mortal Kombat" remix. Masta Killah says something extremely stupid in one of my lyrics, and I had to take care of it somehow. After much deliberation, I remembered that something similar happened when ICP re-released the Vanilla Ice song "Insane Killas" and they had to take care of something stupid said by (Wu-affiliated) La The Darkman. They had Violent J overdub "Bleep. Lame lyrics censor" over La's shitty lyric. I decided to sample that censor to take care of Killah's shitty, offensive lyric. The next problem I faced was that ICP vocals were VERY difficult to find. I didn't want to do a "Homies" remix. That song doesn't fit Wu beats. "Chicken Huntin'" worked for that purpose. "Haunted Bumps" isn't one of my favorite ICP songs, but it sounds dope paired with the Gravediggaz "Diary of a Madman" beat by RZA. Album complete!

Now the big problem: the Wuggalos album is a bootleg, meaning that I cannot legally sell it to you. Universal Music Group would sue my ass out of existence if I tried to sell Wu-Tang vocals, and Psychopathic Records would get on my ass if I tried to sell their beats as well. But there's nothing that says that I can't give away the album! So, I loaded up Soundcloud and was surprised to find that I had an account on there. Now everyone can hear the Wuggalos Enter the Dark Carnival album! Also, please note that Mystic Studios Productions had nothing to do with the release of the album (but I own the company, so they let me post it on their website). It's on Wuggalo Records. Like any good bootleg label, the name of the artist is the name of the label. Oh, and yeah, the artist is "Wuggalos". It would have been "Lucifer" (my producing name), but I didn't feel that I did enough to justify naming myself the artist of the album, so the artist is WUGGALOS. On Wuggalo Records. And you can listen to it right here:

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