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So far, ‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? has heard from New York, Chicago, Providence and as far as  Norway! This time, we are taking it down south to Houston’s Preemo (not to be confused with DJ Premier aka Preemo who was originally from H-town before repping NYC).  Hip hop is the school that Preemo studied in; where all grades are performance based.  ”In Graffiti is Art, Breakin is P.E., MCn is English and DJn is music. This was the alternative to the local curriculum.”  What’s your GPA?

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If you haven’t already, you can watch the Sal Garcia directed trailer at either of the following links:

For those who haven’t been spreading the word yet, I wanted to ask for your help with some promotion.  I really believe that it is and can be something that hip hop fans all over the world look forward to.  If you have an email list or work with a PR firm, can you send an email blast out letting people know what’s really good!  If you have your own website, can you throw up some info bout the series, feel free to include the newest post from Zumo or any previous ones.  Anything is appreciated and at the minimum I would love to see you send out some tweets or facebook posts.
Again, to those of you that are already helping with promo, I cannot thank you enough.  If anyone needs anything from me, please just let me know!

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“What does hip hop mean to you? Da-What.com is teaming up with artists all over the world to discuss what hip hop is. The site’s motto is “Hip Hop. More than Music.” and with that mantra in mind, they are bringing you a series of guest posts by hip hoppers who will share what the genre and culture mean to them. They will post written, filmed and other responses at Da-What.com from Sha Stimuli, Wogz, 42 Keez, Jae Apollo, Rashid Hadee, Nametag, Nobody Famous, Donny Goines, Luck-One, P. So, Wordsmith, Azage, Audible Doctor and many, many more

To catch up on previous posts from Espen of Deadbeatz, Rashid Hadee, Donny Goines and more, check this out:

Watch the Sal Garcia directed trailer at:

If you would like to get involved in the series by letting us know what hip hop means to YOU, please email Ben at the5collaborators@gmail.com with questions or comments.”

Thank you very much for your time.  I hope to hear from you very soon!

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