Fawn Leibowitz, $kim Milk, JBX Roger Ebert Raves!

Didn’t like how it started no real intro or anything to prepare you into the album Just a decent flowed rap song.
The overall product could be mixed better to improve the products
Strong delivery for the most part a few slipsups but few and far everything
Very commercial sounding with interesting jazz influenced beat selections
Sounds like someone who has listened to Kanye through the years

Song titles make it look almost like you are not a serious artists with allot of titles that could be taken as a joke
Camry Civic Kia
Very Good delivery not feeling the beat
Hy Fly Boy
Great Beat nice delivery
Sole Full So Full
Started nice to many changes that don’t match up perfectly
U Play Ball Like a Girl
Loved the beat remind me of some jazzamataz type track
Glass Toothpick
Didn’t love the beat really good rhyme scheme and delivery on the track
Very artistic with the varying sounds Remind of something Kanye would do on coices on a track
Multicolored Dog Show Horrible Song
Ignant This is bad but great at the same time A better banger beat and this could be a 1 Chainz tape some ok rhymes throughout This was hilarious good spoof

Best Song
He Fly Boy

Worst Song Multicolored Dog Show


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