Where Should Artist Promote there Music

As artists we recognize the growing use of the internet in our music promotion. As I’m promoting Jakob22 throughout the net I am always asked where to post the music online?  More important than where you post it matters that you just make sure that you do post it online.

Now the answer as where you can post your music varies greatly depending on your budget (or lack thereof).  As well as your notoriety and overall goals you want with your promotion. 

The issue is that other than main pages like Facebook, Itunes, and Amazon etc… most music sites do not really have visits from fans, but just other musicians.  As a musician think about how much you check other artists’ music on the random.  You cannot expect too much by any individual site.  The best bet is to get post in on multiple sites to broaden your web presence.

As well study your target audience, and gain understanding of your fans. Find out where you target market does surf the net and make sure you music is there.

 Do not just go to communities spamming your music as that will not be received well, but let people see your music in communities that you already apart of. Find forums that are popular with your market and be able to participate.

Now if you have no budget it’s not hard to promote for free and Google is your just friend. Research communities on music, a forum on a subject that interest you or places that will allow you to post your music and video. Spread yourself on the music pages but because it’s just other artists on there. Spend time on actual forums and communities that your fans and potential fan frequent.  Find sites that are music general as well as ones that are genre specific.  Find out what is being promoted for your local area. 

Check out Blogger and Blogspot. Getting on peoples blogs are very important for promotion as you are getting someone else’s stamp of approval. Depending on the circle of influence it can truly broaden your fan base, and it gains you more respect for someone else to promote you

I will post some of my favorite places to promote my music. Some will be genre specific some will not be.   Remember to just keep promoting as you can never be on too many websites.

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