''Ur Regime Iz Ova''

Commercial Bricks (short for Commercial Bricks Upright Music Church a.k.a
C.B.T. Entity b.k.a. C.B.U.M.C.) is the dream church and record label founded by Freshaun.
C.B.U.M.C.'s purpose is to lead lost souls to the knowledge of Jesus
Christ. Our mission is to attack the music industry with a new sound and
way to conduct business to inspire Godly, positive change in the urban
community. C.B.U.M.C.’s gift is an ability to make great music, relate to
the urban community, and passionately bring the Word of God to people who
are lost and seeking change through all the wrong avenues. It is our
pleasure to release hardcore, inspirational, new age Hip Hop music for rap
fans throughout the world.

C.B.U.M.C. - Rap Is My Church LIVE performance!!

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