Mashed Potatoes YMSEY x Meerdat x SG Omen x uPprhand

Check out this new producer album I checked the concept and loved it and really wanted to post it on the site.
Check them out and tell me what you think 

MASHED POTATOES is an acapella collaboration project put together by four beatmakers, off the new label, “madweight” . Each artist, using 3 of their own beats, chose 3 HipHop acapellas they loved, and made a new track with each, to bring u 12 new interpretations of these classics.. From MF Doom to Dead Prez, Common to Jurrasic 5,  each vocal was used to create a whole new vibe…. Join us for this Hi Fi/Lo Fi 2-side experience, get the album for FREE at and also download the bonus LeFt oVers

The Artists:
-uPprhand is from Los Angeles. Music/ Fashion/ Art Innovator, madweight Founder/Creator/ Owner
-Meerdat is from Netherlands. Beatmaker/ Melody Extravaganza Creator, madweight Co-founder
-YMSEY is from Bordeaux, France. Beatmaker, Graffiti Arts, madweight Head Rep. Team
-SG Omen is from Texas. Beatmaker/ Grit Grinder, madweight Head Rep. Team

Cover Art done by Enzo Eyeris, Beatmaker/ Visual Artist, madweight Co-founder, is from Germany.


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