"Rapper@checkmatethegr8 brings 808's & Kush on this new release"

"Rapper Checkmate brings 808's & Kush on this new release"

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Unity, prosperity, and peace never sounded better over 808's as Miami rapper Checkmate The Gr8 releases new visual for his latest song entitled "Kush Gang" produced by Tarentino of 808 Mafia. The video was shot by Chicago up-and-coming director Brianna Lashe. Who has been making a name for herself with her dynamic vision. Checkmate sticks to his formula that has made him a fan favorite "Real Lyrics + Dope Beats = Really Dope Music. As he weaves in & out of the track with his polished flow, witty lyrics, and hypnotizing hook making this song appealing not only for smokers but anyone who loves a great hip-hop track . As Tarentino delivers the instrumental to this inspiring anthem for smokers alike. " Giving listeners more than one reason to like this song. Kush Gang will be featured on Checkmate's new mixtape "Ape Shit2" that's being released summer of 2014.
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New Kush Gang
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Who Is Checkmate?

In generation where hip-hop is as popular as its ever been EVERYONE WANTS TO RAP! And with today's technology & internet anyone CAN! You set-up a studio literally anywhere, upload music and start a rap career. But In this ever changing music industry where the hottest artist today can be tomorrow's nobody. Every once in awhile you come across a artist that is fully polished, with their own identity to their music and off back makes you think about longevity. Whether its their voice or how their lyrics touched you or how it made you feel. Its just something about their music that sounds refreshing but feels like your listening to your favorite artist...Meet hip-hop artist Checkmate The Great.
He fell in love with hip-hop at the age of 8 and started rapping at the age of 16. Taking his influences, like Trick Daddy, UGK, Jay-Z, Scarface and Master P, and using them to shape his own style. "My music is all about capturing the moments of our time the good and bad so if you listen it...it'll put you in that time period." says Checkmate. His new mixtape, Ape Shit 2 to be released summer of 2014 is a refreshing and moving project that heralds the arrival of a gifted and polished new talent, whose music feels familiar in the best possible way while controlling & paving his own lane.


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