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I wasted a lot of time trying to make moves with a certain circle of friends & was just tired of it so i decided to write out all my frustrations "you knew what it was before this sh*t became what it is, you get what you give, truth be told I ain't giving you sh*t" & then it all came together from there. in the hook i say "i got nothing to regret, bad vibes i reject, i just want my respect, expect less you stress less" basically saying i can't regret anything that has happened that has brought me to this point & I don't have time for bad vibes (negativity), I want to be respected. If i expect less of people i won't be stressed because once you have a certain expectation of people & they let you down, you just have a different vibe towards themso I just wanted to make something people can vibe to. 

 Song: Feel The Vibe

Born in Nigeria and raised in Toronto, Selick Idahosa (SLEEK) is known for his well-composed manner and analytical outlook on life.  SLEEK’s naturally undisturbed mindset and well-composed speech have contributed to earning him the artist name, SLEEK.  
SLEEK’s rapping talent first emerged when he began freestyling to mainstream hits in high school and his peers realized his ability to deliver high impact rap verses with a laidback flow. After numerous dreadful factory jobs & working at the local car wash in his community was when he realized those jobs are really not for him. He wanted more for himself & wanted to do something he loved & enjoyed without being hassled by a boss. That was when he figured he should start taking his music serious and there’s nothing else he’d rather do.
SLEEK has been writing, recording and mixing music since he was 17, when the first video he put on YouTube (under the artist name Leaux) got over 6000 views within the first hour. 
Today he focuses his time on writing and collaborating with producers in Canada and the US.  When he’s not writing, rehearsing for a show or recording.
To date SLEEK has collaborated with Nigerian artist Ice Prince, who was featured in the video for his debut track “Problems” and after filming several upcoming projects in Toronto Selick opened for Trish, Choclair & A-Game at Yonge-Dundas Square during the 9th annual YD | T.O. 
 SLEEK released his first single “Round Here” Jun 11, 2015 which features an exclusive collaboration with designer Joao Paulo Guedes, winner of the inaugural TOM* (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) Emerging Menswear Designer Award (EMDA) SS14. 
August 21st, 2015 He has opened up for Larry June during the "Good Job Larry" show at The Blue Room in Secaucus, New Jersey.
September 17th, 2015. He followed up by opening for Earlly Mac at the "Cousin Trap" show at Studio Lounge in Toronto.
Nov 17, 2015 SLEEK has followed up with his 2nd single “Proceed With Caution” which features his poetic lyrics and solid flow. It also acts as the title track for his upcoming project, which is slated to drop later this year.
He has new collaborations in the works for his upcoming EP, due out in late 2016. 

Producer: JayOnTheJuice ( https://www.instagram.com/jayonthejuice )

Director: 88 Everything ( https://www.instagram.com/88everything )

phone/email: 4168330907 / slkmanner@gmail.com


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