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I had to post this song as my son is very big on the Power Rangers and I remember the first time he said I can’t be the red ranger I’m black. So knowing there was a black red ranger I was so happy when I got to show him those episodes with the black red ranger and they’ve become our favorite seasons of the series.

 Jack Vance- Black Red Ranger (Prod. Potillo, Juriah Bridges, and Callum Connor)
Imagine a 10 year old black kid wanting to be something he's never seen: A Black Red Ranger. He turns on the TV and sees it for the first time.

The Mood is set. Press Play.

Drums: Brayon Potillo

Piano: Callum Connor
Sax: Juriah Bridges
Bass: Juriah Bridges
Vocals: Jordan Davis, Jemarcus Bridges, Brayon Potillo, Mecca Dishmon, Jimi X, Briana Roy, Stefan Patterson
Engineer: Stefan Patterson.

Jack Vance was born Jordan Davis on May 8, 1995. He developed a passion for music at the age of 9 when his mother let him listen to Common's comeback Album "Be" in 2004. In 2014, Jack Started his career under the moniker "SteeloJack" with the Circle of Fiends, releasing 10 Songs with them. After the Group Disbanded, He changed his name to Jack Vance and began recording on his own. In 2015, Jack Vance released his debut project Nineteen: A Conversation.



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