@Lee_Mitty Releases First Single of 2016. Listen to "Go Time!"

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"This is a proclamation. The year is mine and I'm not easing up." - Lee Mitty 

Growing up in Baltimore, Lee Mitty learned early on to "live life boldly because tomorrow is never promised." At a young age, she was also introduced to Hip Hop. "It has always been a part of my life," she states. Inspired by the likes of Wutang Clang, OutKast, Kanye West - and everything else in between that boasted  a unique sound - Mitty began recording her own music. The influences she drew from these artists are apparent in her groove-driven, hypnotic and emotive sound. 

After introducing herself last year, Lee Mitty is ready to claim 2016 as hers. New single, "Go Time," backs up her daring statement with the assistance of producer, D Nyce. The production opens up with piano chords abruptly intruded by a hefty kick drum and a bold opening statement: "My time now, so I ain't tryna waste a minute. Think I'm just gonna bow down? Nah n*gga, wait a minute. I spit that sh*t that's profound, y'all n*ggas think it's simple. A Gemini battling my twin 'cause y'all n*ggas ain't contending." 


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