Breeze Embalm - Adele (Diss) @breezeembalm @Adele @AdeleFanAccount

At first I wasn't going to post this track on my blog as I'm a big Adele fan
But when I heard the concept and the over track I thought it was interesting idea. 
Plus it made me think of all the people who date musicians like the Adeles and theTaylor Swifts of the world, but lack of talent means you never hear there side of the story.  Artist Breeze gives us an example of what that could be 

I made an Adele diss record. Yup. You may think that I am crazy for doing such a thing, most people have told me that actually, but Adele has got to pay!

ok, I'm kidding (kinda), Adele is an angel and I'm a big fan so I thought I would show that the only way I could think of. By making a diss record from the perspective of her ex that inspired her album 21. 

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