Hop Cashay "Action" Prod Elegant Musical Club Dir By @strategicfilms @hopcashay682

Action - Single, Hop Cashay
Hop Cashay has returned to the scene with yet another great song and visual titled "Action" directed by @strategicfilms. It's like every time we get a song from Hop Cashay it's better than the last. From the look of things he is not going away easily. With the catchy hook, to the dope delivery on the verses we can separate Hop Cashay from the mediocre rappers. It's so refreshing to get a message in a song and not just a boring track. This displays a killer beat with hot words, I call this a lethal combination which I can't stop playing. I'm sure we won't be hearing the last of Hop Cashay. Check out his new video now!

Available On Itunes Hop Cashay - Action Prod elegant Muzical Club

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