Darian Sets A New Standard For Female Emcees

Close your eyes. Now imagine Aaliyah and Left Eye being resurrected from the dead, then joining Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West in an all out jam session. Now THAT, is the rare sound of Darian in which you are envisioning.

She's "Houston's Top Pick" in Jack Daniels and Atlantic Records' JacknForBeats competition judged by DJ Drama,DJ Scream, DJ Envy and former A&R AJ Ahmed.  She beat out over 100 artists city-wide and ranked in the top 10 nationwide. 

Darian has been one of Houston’s best-kept secrets, until now! She is coming to the forefront of hip-hop music with her unbeatable stage presence and her conscious lyrics. Off-stage she may seem quiet and humble but she is a beast on stage. She demands the attention of her audience both lyrically and visually.

Her highly anticipated EP “Dear Diary” was released on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014.  The EP features her new single, “Slow It Down”, a R&B jam with a little Houston flavor.

Darian is a refreshing addition to the music industry; she battles the industry’s norm by rapping conscious lyrics about love, life, society and the music industry itself. Her hit single “Ratchet” may sound like a typical club song, but true music connoisseurs will tell you otherwise.

She gained her popularity a few years back with her hit single “I Got Swag”, which captured the attention of school age kids all across the country.  Now she’s back with a little more swag, a lot of demeanor, and bizarre beats and lyrics.

Born and raised in Missouri City, TX, but unlike other famous rappers from the area, Darian’s style of music is a mixing bowl of almost every genre. She gives you Hip-Hop blended with a little R&B, fused with a smidge of Pop, and meshed with a dash of Electronica.

Check out more about Darian at www.OfficialDarian.com
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See more of Darian at Youtube.com/DarianTV




“Music is the art of the soul. It is a story, a memory, a moment, pain, happiness. It is an escape. A sense of freedom. Music can take you into an entirely different world, a totally different element. As an artist, you want to bring people into your world. Bring the listeners into your sanctuary. Connect with your audience. Create such a vivid illusion which allows them to feel certain emotions. That’s one of my theories.” – Darian

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