Banamak "Beyond The Surface" @TheRealBanamak

Beyond The Surface is Banamak’s first 6 track EP. It is a self-produced project that examines a search for identity that most people go through. Banamak shares his journey through his music, exposing his own vulnerabilities and examining his own personal insecurities while attempting to provide relevant insight and an optimistic attitude. He lyrics often reflect on how the choices we make now will affect our future. The title of the EP was chosen because it represents the self-reflection Banamak faced while writing the songs for the project. Beyond The Surface features a song with Banamak's long-time collaborator, Scruppy and also features beautiful vocals from Jadyn Dominique Estrada on the track "The Cycle."

Banamak is part of the future sound of Seattle Hip-Hop. Combining his creative talents with an avid entrepreneurial attitude, Banamak makes beats, writes, raps, directs videos, and designs graphics independently. A sincere artist, his lyrics offer a fresh perspective and honest self-evaluation layered with dynamic self-produced compositions. After graduating from the University of Washington and finding no passion in pursuing a traditional career, Banamak decided to dedicate all the time that he could to his craft. What you see is the result.

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Conner Bloyd (Banamak)

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