Prohaize - Destruction (Artistic Manifesto Video Premiere) Directed by Justice Asante @SPNVision& Minta @GhostOfProhaize

As Tuesday, September 23, 2014 draws near and Prohaize gears up to release his first full-length project (African Born, American Raised) he continues to tease the ears of listeners. This time, he has coupled a beautifully captivating visual to accompany the evocative track, "Destruction."

The short film tells the old age tale of cultural dilution and dissemination of a people; whereas what used to be a land rich in culture is now transformed into a shallow and secular-seeking civilization. From the original African slave trade to the colonization of South American lands, time has separated contemporary society from its traditional values and closer to temporarily fulfilling desires, leading to one thing: destruction.

African Born, American Raised (Also known as ABAR), Prohaize’s first full-length project, is made possible by the support and contributions of over $3,000 he received during his Dreams Do Come True Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign in the Spring of 2014

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