Poker For Marlboros feat. Explicit (Prod. Vice Dali)

Vice Dali is a recording artist/producer/mixing engineer who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He has had a strong personal connection to music since he started playing the guitar in fifth grade. He began writing songs late into his middle school years and has since taken his craft along the path of his own soul searching quest in hopes that his soundscape catharsis can aid his goal as well as accompany those who may be going through the same struggle. Dali is heavily influenced by artwork and life experiences more so than other artists. As a matter of fact, he listens to very few on a regular basis. Some include Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, and My Morning Jacket. His music is made primarily as a creative way to soul search through the ideology crisis skeptics commonly go through while assisting those who may be going through the same struggle. 

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