Palermo Stone Presents "Ego," a Mid-summer Anthem for Winners @PalermoStone, @RealNormanDean, @RareNation, @BigAndyBeats

In hip hop, hate is standard.  But sometimes you have to wonder if it's really justified.  Palermo Stone and Norman Dean trade relentless verses that illustrate what separates them from those attempting to bring them down.  With "Ego," the lead artists of Pittsburgh's fastest growing movements, RARE Nation and Team Epic, use splintering production from Big Andy to tell the haters that they need to clean up their own act first before worrying about what Palermo Stone and Norman Dean are up to.  Palermo Stone's new album, The 2nd Coming, is scheduled for release in late summer.

"Ego is just that joint you can throw in the whip in the middle of the summer and feel good to. With hard-hitting production by Big Andy, plus smooth flows from Norman & I, it just gives that bounce. This joint is for all those who are winning and aren't afraid to say it."  - Palermo Stone

Twitter: @PalermoStone, @RealNormanDean, @RareNation, @BigAndyBeats

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