Wood Ox - "Uncharted Territory" on Blvnt Records

 Multi-instrumentalist husband and wife duo Wood Ox is back with a fresh EP for the up and coming label Blvnt Records.  It’s a stellar release which mixes hip-hop elements and live instrumentation to create a sound like no other!  Lush viola and piano lines blend with meticulous drum layers which build into a full-blown immersive experience.  Each track is designed to take listeners on a journey to new sonic territories, leaving behind the trends and fads of modern beat music in hopes of expanding the genre. 

        Wood Ox began as a humble basement project which quickly drew attention from Portland OR’s Blankstairs collective.  Only months after assembling a handful of songs, they were contacted to play Blankstairs’ monthly showcase, Beatogether, alongside beat luminaries Philip Grass and Mark Aubert.   Wood Ox’s most recent work, “Uncharted Territory,” is a collection of songs which runs the gamut from Caribbean influenced bass music to soaring symphonic trip hop. 

        Wood Ox is an up and coming act with radio exposure from the UK to Chicago.  They have created a significant fan base and a distinct sound in under two years, and this is only the beginning.   Expect more to come from this dynamic duo as they make their way down to Guatemala this summer, incorporating Latin and Mayan influences into their palette of dope beats. 

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