Rene Brown - "Keep To Myself" EP @renebrownmusic @rossrecords

Keep To Myself
LA based Hip-hop artist Rene Brown (@renebrownmusic) releases her Debut EP "Keep To Myself". The 7 song EP was produced, recorded and mixed in Atlanta, GA by producer Tommy Ross (@rossrecords). Be on the lookout for tour dates and new content!

Mississippi-born, Los Angeles-based rapper Rene Brown releases her debut EP, Keep To Myself. We recently saw Rene perform for the first time at ScHoolboy Q’s show here in London. What we learnt was that this young lady has an impeccable flow and delivery, as well as an amazingly natural stage presence. With a growing fan base and major label attention, Rene delivers a 7 song EP, that was produced, recorded and mixed in Atlanta, by producer Tommy Ross (@rossrecords). With a unique style, catchy melodies and an undeniable flow, Rene takes listeners through a dynamic, yet cohesive musical journey.

Twitters: Rene Brown : @renebrownmusic
               Tommy Ross : @rossrecords

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