"What Now" (feat. J-Rod; prod. by L-Boyd) @notorietymusic @i_M_jRod

"A majority of Rap music today has somehow managed to turn itself into a 40-year old with a mid-life crisis. The era of evolution has begun. Phases have come, boundaries faded and lines have been blurred. As we look to the future, we ask, What Now?!" - Notoriety

“What Now”, produced by L. Boyd, features J-Rod (a long-time emcee friend of Notoriety/fellow Brocktonian) and is the second single off of Notoriety's upcoming mixtape, "The Ground Table”, which will be releasing Summer 2014.

Though it does not yet have a release date, “The Ground Table” will be a compilation project which Notoriety created in order to bring all of their favorite Boston artists together. In an age where every individual is aiming to reign supreme, a unifying project such as this one is long overdue. Coming together as one is key, to us, the entire indie commUNITY and for the future of Hip Hop.

*Mixtape artwork designed by Jacob Leidolf (of Scope Urban Appare



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