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Gospel Lee Beautiful

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"Beautiful" is the first single from the album Beautiful Not Broken by Oklahoma native emcee Gospel Lee.  Gospel Lee is a progressive hip-hop artist specializing in the creation of quality, thought-provoking, art that compels the listener to ask real, meaningful, questions.  Gospel Lee's natural ability to arrange words together paired with his unique delivery and undeniable passion set him apart from most. 
Beautiful Not Broken is a concept album that attempts to cover the journey of living with cancer, while revealing that hope that can be found in the most investigating of circumstances.
Gospel states:

I refuse to be discouraged, too fixated with this beauty
 My journey shows to me it's so calming and it's soothing
 And every day I wake up is a cause to celebrate
More conscious of this beauty with every breath I take
Proceeds from the sale of this project go to The American Cancer Society.  The 4 song EP will be available Tuesday, May 13th on iTunes, Amazon, & other digital outlets,with the deluxe edition/physical copies (bonus track + exclusive content+interview clips) available at gospellee.com.


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