@Mystery_Cipher - "Tell Me" {Prod by. @Studbeats}

"MysteryCipher has constantly been in the studio working on his upcoming project with Soulja Boy's official SODMG dj, DJ Wats. During
this process MysteryCipher decided to drop a quick verse over a soulful beat produced by his producer @Studbeats. 'Tell Me' is a song
that is meant to allow people to feel what MysteryCipher is feeling, and what adversity he has overcome in his career. 'Came into
the game with handful of fans, now it's 23k (Twitter Supporters) at 18 Got Damn'. Not too many artists his age are putting in the work and
time he continues to do over and over again. 'Tell Me' was released to show everyone MysteryCipher is working, and to hold over
his supporters until we receive more news on his upcoming project."

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