@DUBBULO & Pro P @BeatsByProP - "Omega" / Misty River (Video) @Room2mcr

From the moment ‘uptown’ blasts through the speakers to Spider Jaroo’s conclusive statement on ‘framework’ the album twists and turns through the ins and outs of the thought process of one the UK’s most exciting writers to grace the mic in a long time. Over the 12 tracks, the gravel voiced MC delivers a flurry of almost ominous declarations effortlessly straddling the neck snapping beats Pro P has built his reputation around in the last few years. ‘Lookupinthesky’, ‘Slang to ya Brain’ and ‘One Time’ all showcases the Funkadelics’s ability to hold down a track on a solo basis. An impressive feat when considering this is his first solo project away from Mothership, Voodoo Black and the various Mouse Outfit appearances on their award winning album ‘Escape Music.’ These solo ventures along the way are mirrored by a strong selection of features hand-picked from the Room2 roster and various other close affiliations from the rapper and producer’s expanding network. The first collaboration track ‘Children of the LOA’ hits hard with O taking the opening verse. As one third of Voodoo Black, this particular collaboration was naturally on the cards for O. Sparks and Ellis Meade both fire out equally dope verses sandwiched by the harmonious vocals of Manchester singer beaven. Cheech delivers the goods on ‘drama’ with a back and forth format highlighting their APA concept which will become more apparent over the next year though a release with a well-known producer that cannot be announced at this moment adding to the general excitement that this duo are creating throughout the rap community. This track also features a fine display of cuts and scratching by Voodoo black DJ/Producer Cutterz. No self-respecting hip hop album would be complete without the customary cypher track included in the list. ‘Blunts n Crumptons’ more than ticks the box as Spider Jaroo, Bowski, Cheech and Mr Nobody all bring their individual styles to the table alongside O partnered by a dark beat highlighted by a harrowing piano and sinister strings. Tash Williams appears on ‘hold on’ alongside Mothership crew member Goshin and Bill Sykes completely steals the show on ‘Savages’ spitting what could be the verse of his career. The artwork is provided by the creative volcano that is Pete Obsolete, the label’s recently appointed art director and video support comes in the form of ‘misty rivers’ shot by Scott Hallows; arguably the album’s flagship track which can be viewed on the room2 YouTube page along with a series of other videos put out by the newly forged label. ‘Omega’ is another slice of insight into the workings of the Room2 currently tinkering away at a huge amount of releases that will be slowly drip fed over the coming months and a testament to the work rate of Pro P and Dubbul O. Expect more from both of these artists in the near future and check out the room2 website for upcoming releases and news.

Edited And Filmed by - Scott Hallows @ Standby Film

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