@Chuckwoodss & @RayneGretzky Come With Me

Come With Me
Chuck Woods & Mer
Produced by Rayne Drop
Wolfpack EP

     Come With Me, is the second promotion release from the rap group hailing from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Known collectively as Wolfpack, Chuck Woods & Mer lace up tempo party riddled verses over top of notable head nodding rhythms crafted by the groups preferred sound designer, Rayne Drop.  Coming off the recent success of their first promotional single "My Team" which samples the well known Lorde smash hit "Team" it's no doubt Chuck Woods & Mer have their formula down pat.
     Immediately turning the dial past ten, Chuck Woods describes in vivid details the events that occur when he and a bottle of Jameson spend a night together.  Full of character and braggadocio Chuck Woods addresses his Irish heritage with both his ability to drink and charm the ladies.  What is lacking in Chucks ability to layer intricate schemes together is more than made up for with an infectious amount of stamina and all too addicting character.
      Blazing in with a laid back level of intensity, Mer is sure listeners take note of his ability to weave complex schemes with the greatest of ease within his first four bars.  Taking listeners on a journey they are encouraged to tag along, Mer bobs and weaves through schemes and multi syllabic rhyme patterns with the underlying message of "turn down for what".  
     Following suit from their first single Rayne Drop this time borrows from Kongo's hit "Come With Me Now" with absolutely smashing snares and kicks that hold the potential to blow subwoofers, Rayne has managed to harness the energy needed to craft a well structured promotional cut.  With two of four promotional songs released for public ears it's clear Wolfpacks mission is either to come with and join the pack or be left behind to fend for yourself.
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