@beattrotterz FKA Twigs - Hide (Sample Sickness x Gruge x @lordfaz remix)

FKA Twigs - Hide (Sample Sickness x Gruge x Lord Faz remix)

We are proud to present you the first single of the next Beat Trotterz compilation coming soon.
This is a remix of the singer/dancer FKA Twigs out of the UK. A beautiful voice.
Lord Faz, Sample Sickness and Gruge collaborated on that joint.

Video remixed and edited by Lord Faz:
FKA Twigs - Hide (Sample Sickness x Gruge x Lord Faz remix) from Lord Faz on Vimeo.* Beat: Sample Sickness
* Samples:
- 1st verse: Sample Sickness
- 2nd verse: Gruge
- 3rd verse: Lord Faz
- 1st verse: Lord Faz
- 2nd verse: Sample Sickness
- 3rd verse: Gruge
- hook: Lord Faz
- 1st verse: Sample Sickness + Lord Faz
- 2nd verse: Gruge + Lord Faz
- 3rd verse: Lord Faz
- hook: Lord Faz
Mixing & mastering: Lord Faz
Executive producer: Lord Faz for Beat Trotterz ©
We called that remix " the Citror remix"
Why? We drank a whole vodka bottle mixed with lemon syrup (we say "citron" for lemon in french) while making this remix. We decided to call this remix that way... A one shot group: “Citror”
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