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Off of French Producer Crown's new album, Pieces to the Puzzle", released 2/17/2014. The album also features REKS, El Da Sensei, Rasco, Planet Asia, Lil' Dap, Saigon, Krumbsnatcha, and more.

Putting together the 'Pieces To The Puzzle' took Crown five years of work, gathering artists from every corners of the globe (France, Belgium, UK, South Korea, US, Canada) to soundclash with US greats like ACE, REKS, Saigon, Rasco, El Da Sensei, PMD, Planet Asia, and many more.
The end result is a well thought out compilation of classic cuts that crosses borders and dialects effortlessly.

Look out for more from Vorheez and Crown on their untitled 2014 EP.

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