@SabirOfficial "YOUNG KANYE" (Music Video) @kanyewest

I loved the concept of the track. The beat on this is banging We need to get back to real hip hop to keep this going. It's funny as the vibe of the rap does remind me of a Kanye in the flow and even the subject matter. It works well. 
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– On the eve of the 10 year anniversary of the release of “The College Dropout”, middle Georgia hip-hop artist Sabir, self-proclaims himself as “Young Kanye”.  Sampling “Magic” from Vic Mensa’s latest project, Sabir crafts the beat himself and laces 30+ bars with the hunger and passion in his voice as would a young Kanye West, ready to break through and determined to succeed.

Many of Sabir’s peers only knew him from the popularity he garnered as a producer, producing songs such as Tayyib Ali’s summertime hit, “California Love”. It is partly due to his passion and prowess as a producer that whenever he raps, it takes listeners by storm. Noticing the similarities between his creative path and that of his greatest musical inspiration, some of his peers began to dub him with the moniker, “Young Kanye”.

This record embodies the hunger and skill that is missing in so many areas of hip-hop; the same hunger that was ushered in 10 years ago, with a project that gave many people a feeling they still covet today.

            Many fans reminisce on, “The College Dropout” as if they can never witness that feeling again. On the 10 year anniversary of its release, Sabir makes a powerful statement saying otherwise.

About Sabir - Sabir was born in August of 1991 in Inglewood, California. At a young age, his family relocated to a small city 1 hour south of Atlanta, a city where he would grow and call home; Macon, Georgia.
Music was not always a love for Sabir, he remained relatively uninterested in it until February of 2004 when he heard Kanye West's album, "The College Dropout". He heard the album in its entirety while on a trip to Atlanta and it was that album that gave him his formal introduction, not only to hip-hop, but to a sound that will always be dear to his heart. 

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