@Rogarth1 Proper Etiquette EP

Check out the new EP coming from MC named Rogarth "Proper Etiquette"
Pretty good release that is showing some commercial viability. I think best his with the cadences and flows vocal project has great delivery. Very clever with some punchlines.
Mix on the ep could be cleaner to improve the sound of the album.
Didn't love the beats as a overall project but they are ok Too laidback for my preference.

Best Songs
The Jog
Proper Etiquette

Worst Songs
Utopia Valley
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Ramell Taylor (born April 9, 1986) is Rogarth, a Detroit, MI native who represents a new breed of American Hip-Hop artist. With a collegiate background on his resume, graduating with academic honors and being a former Division 1 athlete, his sophisticated vocabulary and sense of creativity proves to be a lethal combination for song writing. The release of his newest EP entitled, "Proper Etiquette," showcases his ability to be versatile; executing catchy puns and punchlines while delivering clear, positive content without the use of vulgarity that is enjoyable for all audiences.

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