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I was able to meet with NEAKO (@NEAKO) a few days ago at his show in Manhattan. We were at a venue called The Delancey in Manhattan, NYC.
First off, let me tell you that his show was so dope. NEAKO killed the stage with Fresh Moss (@Fresh_Moss, part of LVLYSL INC.). We arrived around 7pm for the show and watched all the other up and coming rappers perform before NEAKO.
I talked to NEAKO about the meaning on LVLYSL. What exactly does the Zebra represent in the LVL movement? NEAKO talks about #ZebraGang and what 3 fingers to the sun is about.
@NEAKO goes into detail about his baby (Number23 mixtape) and the development of the LVLYSL brand.
He explains the meanings for Learning Various Levels and other meanings for LVL. NEAKO talks about coming from the projects and how the Zebra represents original content for his music.
He talks about his dad and what he told him as a child. And how he carries this through his music. The Zebra has an intellectual meaning to always remain original.
He talks about his brand and music and platform of music evolved from World Team Olympics into LVL.
NEAKO talks about three fingers to the sun, two feet on the ground, two eyes on the money. NEAKO’s intelligence is evident through out the interview. He talks about his different variations of music and expresses how life goes.
Be sure to check out the producer and rapper @NEAKO exclusively at

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