@DPreme171 The Demonstration 11/11/11"

Check out the debut project from Deshawn Supreme. A MC from the BX. The cover art is cool Liked the street look to it with the writing on the wall. Could have choosen easier colors to see but liked the font. 
Tracks where a nice boom bap basic NY Hip hop type vibe. Good flow nice rhyme schemes. Some nice beats. Inspired by 90's Hip hop remind  me of some classic DITC type tracks. 
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Bronx Bomber Deshawn Supreme drops his debut project "The Demonstration 11/11/11". AngelicVoices, Grand Marquee, Hitman D, Allrounda Productions, S-Midi Beats, The Chemist, and E-Motion-L Productions all compliments Supreme's witty and hungry lyricism with hard hitting production. With no features on the 20 track debut, Deshawn Supreme holds weight by himself in a convincing manner.
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Track List: 
1. Born Freedom God
2. Endtro (Prod. By Grand Marquee)
3. Money Talks (Courtesy of Lord Finesse)
4. Crack in The Flesh (Prod. By Hitman D)
5. Take Cover (Realest Spittaz) (Prod. By E-Motion-L Productions)
6. Pity Pity (Courtesy of Ghostface Killah)
7. Ride Low 
8. Banned From TV Freestyle
9. Da Crown is Mine (Prod. By Allrounda Productions)
10. Salsa Tanqueray
11. Please No Danger (Prod. By AngelicVoices)
12. Fever (Prod. By S-Midi Beats)
13. My Mind is Playin' Tricks On Me (Courtesy of The Geto Boyz)
14. Da Real Shit
15.If Your Man Only Knew (Courtesy of Aaliyah)
16. Black Roses (Prod. By The Chemist)
17. Supreme Speaking Freestyle
18. Benjaminz Freestyle
19. Niggaz Done Started Something Freestyle
20. The Demonstration Prod. By Pandana) 

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