Dimond Saints Releases First Installment of New Album

I have to say I love the beat on this. It actually bangs hard would love to see great spitting on this track
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Dimond Saints Releases First Installment of New Album

Deep from the heart of the Dimond District in Oakland, California, West Coast electronic music pioneer An-Ten-Nae and beat master Releece have joined forces to form Dimond Saints. Together they bring forth a new sound aimed at tearing mediocrity asunder. Their music drips with passion like beads of sweat. Pulsating beats and deep, subtle melodies guide you down a welcoming road as you dance your way into the unknown.

Dimond Saints are set to release tracks from The Rising, the first installment of their three chapter debut album, Shingetsu (new moon in Japanese), as a free daily download on their Soundcloud page the week of February 10-February 14. Shingetsu is a futuristic interpretation of bass music with a refined core of organic emotion.

The first single released off of Shingetsu in January titled "We Diamonds," was devoured by fans and rose meteorically up the Hypem stairway all the way to #4. Dimond Saints' most recent Lorde remix effortlessly levitated itself to #3 and has received over 150K plays on SoundCloud. These two releases by this new duo, have received over 70 write-ups in global press and are garnering attention from A&R reps. With a creative mine full of musical gems and a release schedule gaining more speed than a gushing, diamond avalanche, it seems as if even the moon is attainable for these Saints.

Listen to Dimond Saints:

FREE DOWNLOAD of We Diamonds - 

Dimond Saints, 1st single "We Diamonds" taken from their upcoming 3 Part album, which is released in February.

Deep in the heart of the Dimond District in the land of oaks, out of the ashes and the bleakness comes a new sound tearing and bursting the bubble of mediocrity. The music of drips of passion, deep pulsing beats that make you sweat. We are the Dimond Saints.

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