Yaheard Films Presents...The Yaheard Life @YaheardDotCom

The Yaheard Life is a new series that follows the artists on Yaheard Records, as they travel the globe, performing, recording and living the Hip Hop culture. From Tokyo to New York City you get a behind the scenes glimpse into the life of Hip Hop artists like The 49ers (Marchitect and Jas Mace) as they make and perform music with your favorite rappers, Dj's and producers.

The Yaheard Life "Episode 4 The Celebrity Episode" features  behind the scene footage, rare performances, and exclusive interviews with Ice- T, Afrika Bambaataa, The Beatnuts, Pete Rock and Cl Smooth, Krs- One, Quest Love, Jesse West, Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Johnson, Qtip, Dj Quik and more.

For all The Yaheard Life episodes, and information on all of the Yaheard Records artists visit Yaheard.com

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