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Loved the intro with the Digiible Planet Cool Like That beat for an intro. Brings a nice memory of memory got me amped as I was raised with the beats. I like the whole collective mixtape type vibe. The all have there own styles with strengths. Very vast styles but it's still cohesive project 

Don't forget where you get the best indie music 

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Starting off the year on a high note, @Kumomachi releases a collective mixtape "Stay Ku 14." This mixtape highlights each of Kumo's 6 artist best songs and features off recent releases. this mixtape also features new, unheard music by the group. Each artist bring a different sound but adds to the sync of the sound. This mixtape includes one outside feature @Frais.

Prod. Credits: Sango, Jahka, StarzCinema, IonQuest, J Dilla, Chris Calor, Mayfair Mays, Jorduex. 

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Twitter: @Kumo_Machi

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