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Emerging Houston emcee, SVN, is oddly at home with making songs about being outside of his comfort zone. In his quest for that elusive key to the city, he is willing to put himself out there, ensuring that he will not be ignored. Today's offering from his upcoming project, "Second Sunday", is no exception. He wrote it after spending a chunk of time in L.A., where he was essentially alone and that key seemed even more elusive. Upon returning to Houston, he did what most of us do and gathered his homies and support system around him and they made this song.

"The song was made a few days after my return from Los Angeles. After being in the city alone for so long, chasing my dreams and experiencing a few down moments, I wanted to set up a session with all my friends. My inspiration for this song came from realizing how sometimes chasing this music can lead us down some dark paths but we have to remember why we're doing it. We were all experiencing pretty low moments at this time but when we were all together we were able to create a song about gaining success. "Second Sunday" is going to shine a new light on Houston, some may love, some may disregard but all will see" Svn

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