My Own Ft Judd English - Nonne @nonnemc @Little_Coyote #ARTHOUSE

 Nonne, the alternative, hip-hop producer/rapper released  the first single off his long awaited album “Art House” on the 1st of August, 2016.  In anticipation for his first full length album release.
 Collaborating with artists such as SPEAK! (US), Judd English, BLY, Kay Love (US) + more TBA.

 The single entitled “My Own” (which features Judd English from local, rock band “Little Coyote”) infuses multiple rhyme schemes, obscure pop-culture references and attitude driven wordplay accompanied with Judd’s crisp, angelic vocals and introspective lyrics.

Nonne is a Australian/Filippino, rapper & producer from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. He began making hip-hop in 2011 and released a short mixtape entitled "Ill Chills" which obtained radio play on FBI with his slow groove "Gotta Be Clever".
 2012 saw the release of his second mixtape "Ill Chills Vol 2".
 Then later, in 2014 he dropped his EP "Crop Circles" which gained circulation on US college radio and hip hop podcasts. 
 It wasn't until 2015 Nonne chose to go back to the drawing board and start producing his own beats. Crafting a new organic sound by sampling vinyl & cassette layered with analogue synths. 
 Vocal wise, he chose to go "back to basics" and pick up the same smooth type flow he first debut with. Inspired by the likes of MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, Kool A.D, and Wu-tang Clan.
 He was lucky enough to open for some of his favorite acts including; Bam Margera, Necro, Pez, Kerser, Diafrix + many more.                   


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