The Eleventh Letter - WRATH #ProdAnnoDominiNation @XiiXMusic

WRATH touches on the subjects of racism, police brutality and militarization, and corruption in government. The video clips shown are all from actual instances around the globe, but primarily focused on North America. The inclusion of Anonymous symbology is indicative of the need for mass organization and revolution against corruption and intolerance. Beat production credit for the song to The video for WRATH was all self-filmed, produced and edited.

The Artist: The Eleventh Letter a.k.a. XI
Born in The Pas, Manitoba, CAN 1990

Music is and has been my life since a kid, I grew up listening to all genres of music: Garth Brooks, Paul Brandt, Dixie Chicks, Savage Garden, Rob Zombie, N Sync, Backstreet Boys, B2k, D12, Eminem, DMX and the list goes on.
I feel this is what drove me to rapping, as it's the one genre I can sway between different styles easily from the production and arrangement to the wide range of mixing techniques where you can go as organic as possible or as robotic and sci-fi like as you want..
Hip hop is the only genre that allows you to bend your style as much as you want without being considered a nuisance to the genre and I think that's perfect for me.

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