C.Shreve the Professor (FTO) "Asystole" (Official Video) Twenty Sixteens @seeshreve

Fresh off receiving Best Hip Hop Group in the Carolinas for the second straight year (by the Carolina Music Awards) in Raleigh last weekend, Free The Optimus releases brand new visuals for C.Shreve the Professor’s single Asystole. 

Filmed and directed by Andrew Anderson Films in Asheville, NC, the video features cameos from Mike L!VE, Hunter Bennett, and DJ Jet’s 1996 BMW.
It’s an all around aggressive affair as Shreve rips through a single verse with malice to leave “fakes and frauds” in flatline (asystole). 

“Put my mode on survival and slaughter all the rivals / And they don’t know the half and that was a quarter of the violence / And my arrival wasn’t welcome, probly still isn’t / See here’s the thing, the problem is it’s ill spittin / Skilled carpenters but y’all ain’t tryna build wit em / we in the house and you ain’t even tryna feel rhythms”

From Shreve: “A lot of my perspective is from having had to make my way in several city’s music scenes from the outside looking in—which I know a lot of other artists and humans in general can relate to—and the challenges and obstacles that come with it. Mike L!VE experienced the same thing when he moved from Raleigh to Asheville. A lot of cats that are established won’t open doors for others for whatever reason. I think that’s fraudulent and deserves being dealt with.”

Asystole was included on C.Shreve the Professor’s May release Twenty Sixteens, and sometimes serves as an opener for FTO live shows. Fans can expect more videos in the coming weeks and much more music as we finally roll out FTOLive this fall. 

C.Shreve is in the middle of his #TwentySixteensTour and fans can catch him and Free The Optimus in Nashville, Louisville, Raleigh, Durham, and Philadelphia in the coming weeks. Tour dates, merchandise, music and more at FTOlife.com


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