With his gritty baritone flow, piercing eyes and mercurial sound, Deuce Ducartier is the undisputed King of Rap & roll. He’s a pathfinder, traveler and trailblazer, setting fire to narrow conventions and—at the core—redefining what hip-hop can be. The same way Deuce jets with ease from his home state of Virginia to distinct cities like Atlanta, Detroit and L.A., he cuts deftly between raw hip-hop, indie electro beats, unforgettable pop hooks and wailing rock riffs. He's paid his dues in the underground, spitting rapid-fire bars chased with massive choruses, all the while distilling his diverse influences into an unmistakable, revolutionary style all his own. Each new track Deuce crafts takes you on a journey through the epic truth of his existence, offering strength and revelation in the face of strife.


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