Me and The Wiz by D-Wiz & Tahaj the First @tahajthefirst

 D-Wiz has several important messages he'd like everyone to hear and they can all be heard on Me and The Wiz, his first solo album debuting on January 24, 2016. The combination of his ill lyricism with hard-hitting beats by Tahaj the First produce a treat for the ears as well as the mind. Intensifying his wizardry of wordplay are several tracks featuring members of his Bay Area crew, BPos (short for 'Be Positive') – GoodWord and Khafre Jay, plus MaztaI, Agent Stiknine, L*Roneous, and White Mic.
This project allowed D-Wiz to procure his solo skills and define originality. With all scratches by S.T.A.T.I.K., the album is a project completed entirely by independent label, the Drum Dealership.
Paying homage to rapper Masta Ace's 1990 single, Me and The Biz, the cover artwork for Me and The Wiz was created by ThatcherHillegas. The album will be available on January 24 for download everywhere. D-Wiz can be reached for interviews at or 415-997-5102.


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