Fugitive 9 - Phoner

Displaying 1795556_806841026009242_1601049225_n.jpgTaking cues from David Lynch and the Spike Jonze videos of the 90's, "Phoner" is a journey into madness with Fugitive 9. Shot and Directed by Alexi Zeren(Dyslexia), featuring and edited by Aaron Burgess, Phoner will stick with you in all the wrong ways.

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Hailing from Norfolk, Va, Fugitive 9 is an eclectic group comprised of 8 emcees. With fierce lyrical wordplay over menacing beats and undeniable stage presence, F9 is a force to be reckoned with. 
Cosmo TX, Whyze Oner, Cuda Brown, Moe Hendrix, Sintax 0, Soul Sun MC, Delta Automatika, and Dyslexia represent the 8 planets.


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