Dilated Peoples interview: DOF might be their last album, talk about the song with 7 rappers, Rain Or Shine was for Common..

00’01″: Babu’s role on Directors Of Photography.

00’48″: The song Rain Or Shine produced by Babu for Evidence was originally for Common.

02’12″: With which artists that Babu never worked with would he like to do a song. 

02’51″: The new musical things they tried for the album. 

05’12″: There is a song with 7 rappers on Directors Of Photography: Evidence, Rakaa, Fashawn, Rapsody, Action Bronson, Domo Genesis and Vinnie Paz. The title is: Hallelujah.

06’56″: If they have a favorite song from Jedi Mind Tricks. 

08’40″: Brother Ali explain that when you’re friend with other artists you don’t necessarily listen to their music. 

10’08″: They don’t know if they’re gonna do another Dilated album after this one because it was blood and sweat to record it.

12’00″: The hair bet between Evidence and Action Bronson.

12’30″: The last sentence Evidence recorded for this album.

13’16″: His relationship with squirrels. 

13’40″: His next project featuring squirrels.

14’14″: Which caracter they’d like to play in movie. 


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